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Currently, we are hosting 3,064 underwater pictures, 12,705 related comments and 46,501 votes in this underwater photo blog.
This web site is a medium for KSDC underwater photographers and friends to share their photos. Visitors are urged to give constructive criticism or compliments so that our photographers can improve their underwater photography skills. Most of the pictures here were taken in Indonesia, and some were taken outside Indonesia in Malaysia and Thailand.

The 15 Most Recent Underwater Photos Submitted

Abdulla Al-Mehairi
02 Sep 2014

Mohamad Izwas Ibrahim
13 Jul 2013
Oki Refianto
06 Feb 2013
Oki Refianto
24 Jan 2013
Oki Refianto
26 Aug 2012
boxfish .jpg
Agata Melisa
01 Aug 2012

Agata Melisa
28 Jun 2012

Agata Melisa
15 Jun 2012

Agata Melisa
15 Jun 2012

Johannes Oei
31 May 2012

Johannes Oei
31 May 2012

Johannes Oei
31 May 2012

Johannes Oei
31 May 2012

Johannes Oei
31 May 2012

Johannes Oei
31 May 2012

Most Recent Comments:

  • Carl Gennaro on m5.jpg: I knew there were ghost...
  • Oki Refianto on cano.jpg: THANK U.....
  • Carl Gennaro on cano.jpg: really nice
  • Carl Gennaro on okimantaray.jpg: nice
  • Johannes Oei on Harlequin shrimps: Excellent shot
  • Johannes Oei on On my blue planet: Beautiful one
  • Johannes Oei on Amongst the boulders: Nice shot... Wonder if this photo taken with diopter or just zoom? I did try to take similar object, but result was not as expected. May be because i just used G12 instead of proper DSLR and even worst, i used...
  • Johannes Oei on Can you see me???: I was informed once that cuttle fish would change color to reddish color during hunting for food. Guess this is the moment. Great shot.
  • Johannes Oei on mimic: Is this a mimic octopus? Beautiful shot and love the angle.
  • Johannes Oei on The Boat and The Commander: excellent shot.... love it
  • Johannes Oei on IMG_6171editr.JPG: LOL...... It is very well said, Carl.
  • Carl Gennaro on IMG_6171editr.JPG: Crazy.. most people put the year the picture was taken.. I was guessing birth year.. not in a million years high school. I have some names of some physicists if you need one. I had a lot more fun in college......
  • Johannes Oei on IMG_6171editr.JPG: Hello Carl, 85 is the year i graduated from my high school. I love my high school time :-)
  • Carl Gennaro on IMG_6171editr.JPG: what is the 85?
  • Carl Gennaro on IMG_6171editr.JPG: interesting
  • Carl Gennaro on IMG_4764editr.JPG: very nice...
  • Johannes Oei on IMG_4200.JPG: I did not, however, one already popped out when i reached there. It was really cute, bouncing up and down. Eventually sinked into sand.
  • Carl Gennaro on IMG_4200.JPG: did you pop them?
  • Mohamad Izwas Ibrahim on PgymyDeniseKS.jpg: Thank you Johannes! The noise is depend on your camera sensor. My own D700 have bigger sensor (full frame) so it doesn't show noise in this picture. and iso 320 still lower for D700. The new camera...
  • Johannes Oei on flaming: excellent colour
  • Johannes Oei on PgymyDeniseKS.jpg: It is a great shot. Love it. I wonder with ISO 320, the picture doesn't show noise. Thought with high ISO, noise will increase. Can anyone help to answer? Thank you for elaborating.
  • Johannes Oei on Buff 2: Nice... Love the colour
  • William Rhamey on Coral garden: Nice landscape
  • Johannes Oei on Ugly face: Is this some sort of crocodile fish?
  • Carl Gennaro on Ugly Face: Cousins..
  • Johannes Oei on Ugly Face: Now I know the real colour :) thank you
  • Johannes Oei on Bwaaaahhh: I have no word .... it is amazing
  • Johannes Oei on lunch: Pak Mul... it is really a good one.... Nice colour as well.
  • Johannes Oei on One handed boxer: Hello Muljadi, This is really a good picture..... Wonder what creature is that.... Regards, Johannes
  • Johannes Oei on IMG_2924resize.JPG: Hello Carl, Thank you for the appreciation.....

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