hayooo,.. apa ini?

UserCamera: Olympus C-770
Location: Aceh
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Fish
EXIFSoftware: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Score: 3.44 (18 votes)

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12 Responses to “Mataku….”

  1. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Flounder ?

  2. Marta Luthfiati says:

    Cuttlefish ?

  3. Richard Harlan says:

    yup.. it’s flounder.
    It was just lying on the rock and its color was so different with surrounding. No camoeflage??

  4. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Hayoo.. mana hadiahnya… sudah nebak bener nich …

  5. Budi Ramadi Jerry says:

    takpikir ini ray…

  6. Richard Harlan says:

    bole bole… ada Bolls bisa disikat bareng ditempat gue :D

  7. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Hebat nih motret flounder bisa saturated gini colornya, pake Super Macro & lampu, chard?

  8. Rita Cheung says:

    I thought it is a kind of octopus?????

  9. Erwin Kodiat says:

    This is flounder’s eyes, Rita

  10. Carl Gennaro says:

    dizzy but I like it

  11. Imran Ahmad says:

    nice profile shot

  12. Azlan Abdul Aziz says:

    Hypnotic..Look at the eyes…must be an octopus

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