Latin name: Sepia sp.
Location: Lembeh, North Sulawesi

UserCamera: Canon PowerShot A80
Location: North Sulawesi
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Cephalopods
EXIFCamera model: Canon PowerShot A80
Date: 04 November 2005
Time: 16:55:08
Exposure Time: 1/60
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure Bias: -3/3 stop
Focal Length: 7.8125 mm
Exposure Mode: Manual exposure
Metering Mode: Spot
White Balance: Auto white balance
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS Windows

Score: 4.13 (16 votes)

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7 Responses to “Pasfoto Cuttlefish”

  1. Fanty Fang says:

    wow!!! top!!! need a lot of patient to take this pic ya. bravo Erwin. keep on shooting and posting.

  2. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Ini kalo pakai Oly 8080 pasti lebih tajam dan bening. he.. he..

  3. Erwin Kodiat says:

    He he, ini mah emang gak tajem ngambilnya, harusnya sih bisa lebih tajem biar pake A80

  4. Tom F. Chandra says:

    Kog agak noisy ya kelihatannya IMHO CMIIW

  5. Tom F. Chandra says:

    Lho gue belom komentar kog tiba-tiba ada komentar gue disini mesti gue laporin nih ke siapa ya? hansip?

  6. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Kunaon, kang Tom? :D

  7. Jeffrey De Guzman says:

    Good Job.

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