UserCamera: Canon PowerShot S70
Location: North Sulawesi
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Fish
EXIFCamera model: Canon PowerShot S70
Date: 29 May 2005
Time: 02:45:29
Exposure Time: 1/60
Aperture: f/8.0
Exposure Bias: 0.00
Focal Length: 5.8125 mm

Score: 2.47 (15 votes)

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4 Responses to “Home sweet home”

  1. Tom F. Chandra says:

    The object is too far

  2. Diane van Vuuren says:

    I should have cropped it before posting!

  3. Yuji Law says:

    Hmmm…The way ur position in a shot also important i think!!Perhaps shot the object level and a bit colser would be very nice!!:-)

  4. Acuan Teharmin says:

    yeah, might want to resize and crop, really nice if can see more of the hiding place… IMHO

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