I begin to like this Canon A620 :)
The result is quite predictable and stable.
With help from Mul’s slave flash :) voila… it become this one!

UserCamera: Canon PowerShot A620
Location: Moluccas (Maluku)
Strobe: Ikelite DS-50
Taxonomy: Coral

Score: 4.33 (18 votes)

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11 Responses to “Clown fishes, shrimps and anemone”

  1. Richard Harlan says:


  2. Susanto Houtama says:

    Ini udah kayak dibuku2 Jer…:) External flashnya yang apa ya?

  3. Budi Ramadi Jerry says:

    Ikelite DS50…
    gak sengaja ke-trigger sama flash gua hihi…
    untung exposure pas juga soale jarak-nya DS50 itu agak jauhan.
    gara-gara gambar ini gua jadi kepingin banget punya external flash.

  4. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Side lightnya uapik …

  5. Monica Hutadjulu says:

    standing applause for Mas Jerry..

  6. Tom F. Chandra says:

    I like this one more than the bug. Xcellent, xcellent

  7. imppie says:

    it’s rich.. and slightly overexpose(fins and left side) shd consider the choice of aperture. Composition is abit out, too much waste space on the right side of the anemone… Shd have taken ur time in composing the shot.. Nice try..

  8. Diane van Vuuren says:

    I like it…
    I have just bought the A620 myself, which housing do you have, the Canon or the Ike, and do you have external lenses?

  9. Budi Ramadi Jerry says:

    hi there… i use the canon’s housing.
    currently i don’t have external lenses

    i think if you wish to have external lenses ikelite will provide you wider option.
    but, according to some friends, the internal flash is not very good in ikelite housing.

    beside that, this camera is a really good bargain. i really love this camera. :)

  10. Diane van Vuuren says:

    Hi, I have a strobe so that’s not a problem, BUT I have read elsewhere that the results using the Ikelite and the Inon wide aren’t so good on this camera - soft edges…. so I am trying to find out more before I spend the extra money… if you know of anyone who has this setup, please let me know!

  11. Budi Ramadi Jerry says:

    as far as i aware, i dont know any us using wideangle… but i’ll let you know if i find one…

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