Baru mau difoto langsung melengos :)

UserCamera: Canon PowerShot A620
Location: Moluccas (Maluku)
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Nudibranch

Score: 3.38 (16 votes)

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4 Responses to “Malu malu kucing”

  1. Imran Ahmad says:

    if it was taken on the soft coral without the noisy backgroud, the subject would have stand out better.. NIce colours

  2. Alexandra Sutopo says:

    i love the expression!!! Great moment :D

  3. Tom F. Chandra says:

    The pose man! the pose….

  4. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Isolasi nya beliin dulu, supaya bisa terisolasi dari BG gitu katanya…

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