Gregor Ramses Dotulong at 3 years and 10 months,
this is his first dive in the ocean with his dad.
His record is 5.3 meters and 13 minutes, he really like to play with Jackfish.

UserCamera: Sony DSC-P8
Location: Bali
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Divers
EXIFCamera make: SONY
Camera model: DSC-P8
Date: 25 May 2006
Time: 13:28:57
Exposure Time: 1/160
Aperture: f/2.8
Exposure Bias: 0/3 stop
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 6 mm
Exposure Program: Normal program
Exposure Mode: Manual exposure
Metering Mode: Spot
Light Source: Flash
White Balance: Manual white balance
Software: ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Score: 4.05 (19 votes)

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18 Responses to “The Baby Diver”

  1. Imran Ahmad says:

    For a better future and understanding of life.. welcome to the underwater world “Greggo”.. I’m proud of U…. Great Job, Hengky

  2. Kaufik Anril says:

    nice momento…
    the jacks at the background make this photo Excellent…
    good job !

  3. Monica Hutadjulu says:

    …and gregor said: “tante mumun, gregor saw a lot of fishes!”
    he really loves and enjoys being underwater..
    he is going to be the youngest member in our club!
    or to be the youngest diver ever? (at least in indonesia maybe..) :)

  4. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Next time, dive with me, Geg!

  5. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Equalize was the hard part to teach…

  6. Alexandra Sutopo says:

    wuuaaaah…..kapan nyampe 60m?? huehehehe

  7. Irene Pramudito says:

    Well done Gegeg!!

  8. Eric Loh says:

    4 points for the photo, 10 points for the dad to start his kids young.

  9. Hengky Dotulong says:

    I think we should make our kids start early, how about Kapal Selam Baby Club?
    Start at 4 years old?

  10. Monica Hutadjulu says:

    opo start at 4 years.. gregor aja belum ada 4 tahun tuh!

  11. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Want to see more pictures? visit:

  12. Jusuf BW says:

    When i met this boy last week, i saw some thing un usual on him. He was so brave, smart and really enjoy the nature. Even adult people should be carefull with him when talking,as he can even make joke on us.
    I believe that he can learn new thing fast, not just diving.
    He must be a boy with good talent.
    Congratulation Pak Hengky/ Bu Thea.

  13. Tom F. Chandra says:

    Wow he has surpassed the bubble maker

  14. Hengky Dotulong says:

    Udah kelihatan Jack nya Tom?

  15. Mia Aristanti says:

    I love Gegeg’s expression, he seems so happy underwater!

  16. Fredi Tansari says:

    no offense…..but is that even legal?

  17. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Even for adult diver there is no regulation in Indonesia …. so I think it is basically legal :D

  18. Acuan says:

    interesting, but until it can be proved as illegal, i am assuming as legal aja deh :)
    Mana poto2 trip Manado barusan fred?

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