The many wonderful moments I spent with them.
The grace as they glide through the waters…as they dance around me.
I hover there in awe each day….

Dance of the Mantas video clip (520,118 B)

UserCamera: Olympus C-5050
Location: Bali
Strobe: Inon D-2000W
Taxonomy: Fish
EXIFSoftware: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows

Score: 3.65 (17 votes)

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7 Responses to “Take Flight!”

  1. Carl Gennaro says:

    Much better,, btw your video clip in not working.

  2. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Ah this one is nice! Good shot!

  3. Ivan Choong says:

    Carl, clip seems working fine on my side.. anyone else has any problems viewing the clip?

  4. Imran Ahmad says:

    NIce shot… minus the crop on the tips… sweets

  5. Surjatun Widjaja says:

    Good timing and perfect moment!

  6. Ivan Choong says:

    You should check out the video too….

  7. Ahmet Yilmaz says:

    it is good enough,
    may be cropping mistake?

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