UserCamera: Canon PowerShot S80
Location: Moluccas (Maluku)
Strobe: Inon D2000
Taxonomy: Crustaceans

Score: 2.47 (19 votes)

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4 Responses to “Lurking Crab (Sponge Crab)”

  1. Agus Susanto says:

    rom.. color scrap nya emang coklat ya?? jika saja scrapnya sudah mandi pasti lebih istimewa (IMHO)

  2. Agus Susanto says:

    scrap??!! hehehe.. salah ketik atau english gw yg amburadul..:P

  3. Yuji Law says:

    A bit dark and the angle of shooting the object can be better perhaps.

  4. Imran Ahmad says:

    Understand your surrounding and imagine on how you can improve ur subject importance and beauty… then click…

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