Hi guys,
We’ve alway been running around the reef looking for something special, new and exotic. Sometimes we fail to see whats been created, heres a countless numbers of juv clown fish staring back you and wondering whats life got install for them…

UserCamera: Nikon F100
Location: Raja Ampat
Strobe: Sea & Sea YS-120
Taxonomy: Fish
EXIFSoftware: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh

Score: 2.58 (19 votes)

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5 Responses to “All eyes on you.”

  1. Tom F. Chandra says:

    Maybe I need magnifying glass. I couldn’t see the eyes

  2. Imran Ahmad says:

    well, the image is small here.. i can’t seem to enlarge it any more or i will not be able to post here.. Shot on Slide, so when scan its abt 60mb.. scale down for the forum, loses it’s detail.. anyways thks for voting… More critic please, on all my pictures. I want to know the negative or constructive side of the shots to expand and learn…

  3. Indra Swari says:

    Well… definitly alot of danger out there… becareful guys…. :)

  4. Imran Ahmad says:

    What kinda danger?

  5. Indra Swari says:

    Look at ur note Imran (wondering whats life got install for them)… Its gonna be tough, lots of danger… Got it?

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