UserCamera: Olympus SP-350
Location: Raja Ampat
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Fish
Camera model: SP350
Exposure Time: 1/60
Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure Bias: 0.00
ISO: 50
Focal Length: 14.3 mm
Exposure Program: Creative program (biased toward depth of field)
Exposure Mode: Auto exposure
Metering Mode: Pattern
Light Source: unknown
White Balance: Auto white balance
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS Windows

Score: 3.10 (21 votes)

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8 Responses to “What Are You Doing?”

  1. Imran Ahmad says:

    What ur story or maybe just a glam shot..hehehe

  2. Tom F. Chandra says:

    Very lucky to be able to take the pose and the picture!

  3. Agus Susanto says:

    actualy.. I try my new camera. sp-350. focusing slower than my ixus 850.

  4. Indra Swari says:

    Comment from keira (my cute gal): Nemoooooooo :)

  5. Yusmar Yahaya says:

    nice composition.

    just got your SP350? its focusing is slower than Canon’s but I noticed lately that if I turned off the Macro mode, then use the Inon’s UCL wetlens and zoomed in, I don’t have slow focusing problem (either that or the YS110 focus light really helped).

  6. Agus Susanto says:

    Yusmar.. my english was not good enought.. are U malaysian or indonesian? if U from malaysia, i can talk a little bit melayu language.

  7. Yusmar Yahaya says:

    not a problem… saya dari kuala lumpur, malaysia dan faham kesemua yang ditulis di sini, cuma nak tulis semula agak kekok kerana saya tak biasa menulis dalam bahasa malaysia/indonesia :)

  8. Agus Susanto says:

    ok lah..:) Inon’s UCL itu closeup lens ke? bise cocok dengan casing olympus? beli di mane?

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