UserCamera: Nikon Coolpix 8700
Location: Raja Ampat
Strobe: Ikelite SS-200
Taxonomy: Crustaceans
EXIFDate: 02 April 2007
Time: 01:20:02
Software: Picasa 2.6

Score: 3.05 (19 votes)

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4 Responses to “baby crab”

  1. Monica Hutadjulu says:

    cute crab.. :)
    upside down better maybe? IMHO

  2. Cesillia Kowijaya says:

    Is this teddy bear crab????

  3. Budi Ramadi Jerry says:

    I think so. teddy bear crab.
    one in my wish list.

  4. Mia Aristanti says:

    So cute!!! But the pose could be better

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