Hey guys does anybody know why is this lion fish sticking around the sea horse?

UserCamera: Olympus E-500
Location: North Sulawesi
Strobe: Ikelite DS-50
Taxonomy: Others

Score: 4.24 (25 votes)

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19 Responses to “The odd couples”

  1. Fredi Tansari says:

    guys how to show exif data?

  2. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Hi Fredi, this photo is excellent, combination of good composition, rare moment and sharpness!
    To show EXIF data, if you use Adobe PS, use Save as instead of Save for Web. I’m quite sure other software has similar options to retain EXIF data from your original photo. What software do you use?

  3. Monica Hutadjulu says:

    lovely shot!

  4. Ivan Choong says:

    This shot appeared in Asian Diver’s latest issue..good job Fredi!

  5. Fredi Tansari says:

    I used the lightroom. anyway does anybody know what are they doing though? thank you for the compliments :)

  6. Surjatun Widjaja says:

    very nice shot Fredi, congratulations!

  7. Yuji Law says:

    Nice shot Fredi…

  8. Kaufik Anril says:

    Rare moment…….sharp…
    vote 5 for this pic…

  9. Ivan Choong says:

    Well, I guess it could be seeking shelter or hitching a ride. Juv. lionfishes tend to hide instead of moving around on it’s own.

  10. Ahmad Zaki says:

    When it hatched, first thing the baby lionfish saw was the seahorse. MUMMY!! ;-) Great Shot!

  11. Eric Loh says:

    Great picture Fredi

  12. Ivan Choong says:

    Fredi, you used the 50mm lens?

  13. Fredi Tansari says:

    No, I used the 60 mm why?

  14. Ivan Choong says:

    Is there 60mm Olympus lens?

  15. Acuan says:

    Di, very very nice shot!

  16. Carl Gennaro says:

    Wow 5!Plus++

  17. Ivan Choong says:

    Fredi.. ain’t u using an Olympus system? They have a 60mm lens?

  18. Fredi Tansari says:

    Sorry about that it was 50 mm 1:2 lens. I must have misread the label. Anyway I have talked to Neville Coleman, He said the little guy was using the sea horse as a hunting station.

  19. Ivan Choong says:

    Great shot..and good timing to see it!

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