UserCamera: Olympus C-8080
Location: Derawan Islands
Strobe: Natural Light (no strobe)
Taxonomy: Fish
Camera model: C8080WZ
Date: 18 November 2004
Time: 08:11:25
Exposure Time: 1/60
Aperture: f/2.8
Exposure Bias: 0.00
ISO: 50
Focal Length: 7.1 mm
Exposure Program: Normal program
Metering Mode: Pattern
Light Source: unknown
Software: ACD Systems Digital Imaging

Score: 3.41 (17 votes)

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6 Responses to “Ooooh, I wished wider wider lense !!!”

  1. Fredi Tansari says:

    whoa…how big is the school p’ wi? Let’s go to manado again :)

  2. Surjatun Widjaja says:

    Hi Fredi, it is not in Manado but in Maratua island near Derawan island in Kalimantan and the spot is called “the Channel”. The school consist of over thousand barracudas and you could dive in the same spot over and over again and never boring.But you have to watch out for the current , as it could be 3-4 knots, dangerous especially if you get cought in the out current to the open sea.

  3. Acuan says:

    well said pak wi. Was in the channel last week, but current’s not as strong as we had 2 years ago, maybe not even a quarter. Remember we got swept and lost in the middle of nowhere after we saw these baracudas? Definitely not the experience I am looking forward to have again. But for the baracudas sighting, will do it again, no brainer…
    Great pic btw..

  4. Surjatun Widjaja says:

    Cuan, how is the barracudas, still that much? How the manta in Sangalaki? Did you remember over hundred of manta having a feast at thge surface?

  5. Acuan says:

    we were not that lucky pak wi. Only saw some mantas, no schooling mantas like we did last time. Baracudas are still there, with a special appearance of eagle ray, big and upclose. Everything is still the same, minus mantas and a little less of healthy corals on the derawan site..

  6. Mulyadi Setiono says:

    nice schooling and blue color.
    been diving for years and it’s sad to see coral and marine life are getting less and less ….. :(

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