UserCamera: Canon PowerShot G7
Location: Bali
Strobe: Built-in Flash
Taxonomy: Fish

Score: 3.31 (13 votes)

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10 Responses to “NemoPemalu_02.jpg”

  1. Donny Hartanto says:

    Welcome Aboard MR Handy, not bad for a rookie :p

  2. Erwin Kodiat says:

    This is nice, Handy! Welcome aboard and keep posting!

  3. Kaufik Anril says:

    Welcome aboard handy,

    Nice PICTURE, it’s pretty hard to expose
    anemone fish like this…

    NICE !

  4. Handie Tedjasukmana says:

    Thanks Erwin ok, i do my best….

  5. Handie Tedjasukmana says:

    Thanks Fik.. Sapa dulu Gurunya thanks. hehehe

  6. anton lee says:

    cute abis

  7. Yuji Law says:

    Welcome aboard Handy!!Nice nemo!!

  8. Surjatun Widjaja says:

    nice composition, welcome aboard Handy!

  9. meldoet says:

    nice photo, ini pake housing canon WP-DC 11 ya??

  10. Handie Tedjasukmana says:

    Thanks mel…
    Yoi mel…
    You pake G 7 jg???

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