As usual, taken in Tulamben, the model is the Queen of Tulamben….
Tulamben….tulamben…. and Tulamben Again…. :)

UserCamera: Canon PowerShot S80
Location: Bali
Strobe: Ikelite DS-125
Taxonomy: Divers
EXIFCamera model: Canon PowerShot S80
Date: 21 March 2008
Time: 11:19:46
Exposure Time: 1/200
Aperture: f/6.3
Exposure Bias: -3/3 stop
Focal Length: 5.8 mm
Exposure Mode: Manual exposure
Metering Mode: Pattern
White Balance: Manual white balance
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Score: 3.94 (16 votes)

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8 Responses to “Tulamben Queen”

  1. Alexandra Sutopo says:

    viz was good ya?

  2. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Excellent exposure! I am wondering if the -3/3 stop compensation at f 6.3 gave you just the right amount of light?

  3. Kaufik Anril says:

    Thank you lala & Pak Zaki,

    Lala: Yes, the viz was pretty good, around 15m….. when you will back to Bali ?

    Pak Zaki: Digital Pocket’s light meter are not too smart, they tend to give a little over exposure, so I do bracketing by decreased the EV.

  4. Handie Tedjasukmana says:

    nice angle…Nice Queen…

  5. Muljadi Pinneng says:

    So, she is a celebrity, queen, and also “penunggu”?
    So many titles she has.
    Fik, you are the best in wide!
    With pocket and DS-125, you did great!

  6. Kaufik Anril says:

    Thank you pinneng,
    I am not the best lah…

    Actually she is the QUEEN of Tulamben… he he he …
    Ratu Laut Tulamben in BAHASA….
    Maybe Someday Junichi will make a novel titled “Misteri Ratu Laut Tulamben”
    he he he …

  7. Eric Loh says:

    Long live the Queen. :)

  8. Acuan says:

    The Queen is coming to stay at my place this weekend, but she won’t be Queen here as i am short of maids hehehehee….

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