UserCamera: Nikon D200
Location: Alor
Strobe: Ikelite DS-125
Taxonomy: Nudibranch
EXIFSoftware: ACD Systems Digital Imaging

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7 Responses to “rose Petal Bubble”

  1. Monica Hutadjulu says:

    beautiful!!! and.. there is a tiny crab!

  2. Erwin Kodiat says:

    Wow, Mul!

  3. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Pak Mul, so nice Hydatina physis. Di Biang Abang?

  4. Mulyadi Setiono says:

    Zaki, I didn’t log, so got to be Biang Abang :)
    Hey, did you remember which site we saw the red Rhinopias? Pinneng wants to know.

  5. Ahmad Zaki says:

    The site? Sand, sand, sand, sand, Seno, Rhinopia, sand, sand. Ha Ha I will ask Farquhar as it was a most unmemorable site…

  6. Ahmad Zaki says:

    Pinneng, from Farquhar :
    W Lembata/Kawula. Critter Dive. S 08 23.283, E 123 22.194. Start at GPS and head into bay towards buildings. When you get to the river coral bommies end and sandy slope begins. Dive is between GPS point and river. Red and yellow Rhinopias.

  7. Jan Maringka says:

    my critic.
    1.too much space around main subject,distracting,crop your picture!
    2.suboptial Position of the subject, try another angle!
    3.take as much pictures as the depth,air reserve,dive conditions allow,I usualy take about 40-50 shots of one subject and am happy if at least a few good pictures result.

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