Registered since:24 June 2007
Profile:underwater photographer since 1980,most
pictures made in Indonesia,actual
equipment:analog,nikon f 801
s,digital,nikon d 100 in subal
housing,used flashes
subtronic,aquasun,ys30,ys 50,ys 300,ys
duo ttl.
switched to Nikon D 300 in Sea and Sea
housing,used lenses:12-24 dx,60 and 105
mm macro.
flashes:2 x ys duo 120 ttl for macro
photography with ttl converter,wide
angle manual with ys 300 ttl
Camera used:Nikon D300 (1 photo)
Lighting / strobe used:Built-in Flash (1 photo)
Point of Interests:Others (1 photo)

22 Apr 2010